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Saturday Night Palsy

A. It is a classical example of Neuropraxia


  1. It is a physiological temporary reversible spontaneous conduction block leading to ‘Slow Conduction’

2. There is Transient Demyelination

(No need of Surgery as myelin can regenerate)

3. Here Axon/Sheath is intact

4. Recovery: Spontaneous, 100% (within 3-6 weeks)

5. Tinel’s Sign Negative

6. Eg of Neuraprexia:

• Sitting for too long
• Tourniquet Palsy
• Saturday Night Palsy

7. In Neuraprexia, nerve will spontaneously recover but in 6 weeks. BUT if the patient keeps his wrist flexed for 3-4 weeks, he will develop a Flexion deformity / Flexion Contracture / Flexion Stiffness. (So Option ‘A’ Wait & Watch is incorrect)

8. T/t: Dynamic Cock up splint (Option D) is applied to prevent contractures & deformities later

C. Saturday Night Palsy / Crutch Palsy:

  1. Due to Radial Nerve Palsy
  2. Occurs due to Compression of Radial Nerve in Radial groove while putting hand on chair or the crutch leading to ‘WRIST DROP’
  3. Commonly seen after alcohol intoxication

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